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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

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About the Pharmacy


STS Pain Pharmacy ( STS) is an independent pharmacy specializing in Substance Use Disorders with a unique focus on harm reduction care.


We use an integrated care model with a team of pharmacists who provide special daily medication maintenance, working directly with physians and nurses each day, to ensure the best outcomes in therapy and treatment for our clients.

We also offer a range of pharmacy services:

  • Hepatitis C and HIV treatments,

  • immunizations, smoking cessation,

  • Medication reviews,

  • Diabetic care, and compliance aids.


In addition, our dynamic supportive outreach staff builds relationships with each client in order to assist them with transportation to various agency networks for persons with disabilities: medical, labs, imaging, physio, housing, food, and counseling.

pharmacy staff

Providing you with the best Pharmacist for the best care

Pharmacist | Alain Vincent
Pharmacist | Heidi MCgreggor
Pharmacist | Doug Harvey
Pharmacy Owner
Pharmacy Assistant
Helen Magro
Pharmacy Assistant
Kate Matira
Pharmacy Assistant
Catalina Beltran
Pharmacy Assistant
Ophelia Lorion
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