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Meet our Culturally Diverse and Passionate team

" A Unique Approach to Pharmacy "

Improving health Outcomes of People with Substance Use issues and Homelessness

Taking care of your health

Working collaboratively with the client's network of healthcare providers to optimize client care.

Stigma Free & Low barrier

Our Pharmacy offers a safe space for everyone equally.

We ensure that we keep a judgement free space, and allow those seeking help and understanding to find a supportive pharmacy.


Working Collaboratively with other Healthcare Providers

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a network of healthcare professionals to provide appropriate care.

Home Delivery Medication

We deliver to various places in the greater Victoria Region:

  • Clients camping in parks

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Supportive Housing buildings

  • Private Residence 


Witnessing &  Delivery of important medications upon physician request

  • Antibiotics

  •  Hep C treatment

  • Other Physician's request

(Upon Delivery)
Free Witnessing 
2 times per day

We have found great success with treatment when we can make sure clients receive their (am & pm) medications, especially antibiotics.

Nutritional Supplements

​Free Nutritional supplements through the Daily Dose Society.

  • Daily Vitamins,

  • Ensure, Protein drinks

  • Muffins,

  • Yogurt,

  • Fruit Juice

The Daily Dose Society
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Community Organization

These services are provided in collaboration with our partnering Community organizations

To learn more about The Daily Dose Society,
please click the link below.


About US

STS Pain Pharmacy (STS) is an local independent pharmacy with a unique harm reduction focus.

Brent Donavan

" I found Sandy and Alain are the greatest . Their personal touch and caring hearts are genuine . They absolutely shock me as to how big their hearts truly are . I pray the big guy anoint your every step ss you all move forward . BD "

Jim Knock

" These are incredible people who have made an amazing contribution to our community, city and country. They have gone out of their way to assist those who are less fortunate and to make them feel accepted and worthwhile citizens." 

Jody Lawrence

" Never dealt with such an amazing business. Personal care & outstanding assistance is outstanding. Will have my business for a lonnnnnng time.😜 "
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